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Vibrational Sound Therapy

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Discover the wonders of vibrational sound therapy. Cutting-edge technology has allowed us to establish a new, dynamic way of approaching fertility procedures – one entrenched in spirituality and energy healing. Call today to start your journey to parenthood with Fertile Seeds of Life.

What is Vibrational Sound Therapy ?

Vibrational sound therapy (VST) is a new cutting-edge spiritual technology that has revolutionised energy medicine around the world when it comes to fertility. Dr Tharshini Nirmalarajah has been the global leader in creating this new system as a whole new structure and approach to fertility treatments.

VST allows Dr Tharshini to see through your energetic body with a 5-dimensional awareness and assess which areas of your reproductive body are blocked.

VST also allows Dr Tharshini to see inside your body and clear blockages inside your womb, vessels, fallopian tubes, ovaries, lining, sperm, Hara of men and testes. She also specialises in releasing negative energy held in the scrotum and all other parts of the body, which includes emotions that haven't been healed like grief, anger and fear.

This new spiritual technology is strengthening and configuring the true potential of our DNA and allowing cells to communicate better to clear obstructions and increase the light frequencies to organ systems, tissues, blood and bone.

It is also utilised to:

  • Awaken the heart consciousness
  • Perform psychic surgery
  • Clear, transmute and shift past life trauma from thousands of years ago
  • Clear ancestral trauma that's still sitting in the body, 
  • Remove entities, curses, psychic attacks and possessions in minutes
  • Tap into the subconscious to harmonise and balance the body with the highest vibration of love and light

At Fertile Seeds of Life, all our patients who have experienced VST have been blown away by the true power and awakening that transforms their lives. We recommend 3–4 sessions for optimal results.

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How does Vibrational Sound Therapy Work?

In each 1-hour session, Dr Tharshini utilises different tones, sounds, light languages and chanting with her voice to activate different frequencies within the body.

These languages and sounds differ for every patient as she interprets the specific frequency range your body needs and the resonance of vibrational needs in the moment. The goal of this is to initiate, clear, balance, activate, heal and align each patient with a new vibration of wellbeing.

She also uses specific symbols that have been downloaded to her to open up the body and rapidly create an entrance through which a surge of light can enter. These sounds create specific frequencies and vibrations into the body.

Get in touch with us to experience the benefits of VST and channelling dynamic frequency encodings of sound and light into your body.

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Vibrational Sound Therapy South Yarra

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Begin your journey to parenthood by calling on (03) 9034 5997

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