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Menstrual Cycle & Womb Wisdom

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As women, we should recognise that our menstrual cycle is a gift from our womb every single month. This menstual blood, known as womb blood, opens our womb and allows it communicate with us; it is our gateway to infinite healing and wisdom.

Every month as we bleed, we shed the lining, emotions, deep wounds and negative experiences we have not been able to process.

It's time to learn how to release, connect and rebirth yourself every month during your cycle. This is the divine gift that every woman holds within her.

Menstrual Cycle

For so many young women and teenage girls around the world, the knowledge of the healing powers of menstrual cycles is not being passed on, and many believe it involves bleeding only.

This is not true. A menstrual cycle is a cyclical process that recurs monthly.

Did you know that our body, hormones and emotions vary week to week? We can utilise this information to shape our lives, create plans, projects and abundance, take time out, nurture ourselves and heal all aspects of who we are.

But for so many of us, we have forgotten the ancient wisdom of the womb and menstrual cycle.

It all begins on our first menarche (first period), which is experienced differently by everyone. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for young women around the world to feel a range of emotions stemming from this change, such as disgust, shame, fear, shock, embarrassment, relief and pride.

Our first experience often shapes how we relate to our bodies because it is our first connection to our womb. As such, this is the time to educate our young women, sisters, mothers and grandparents about how to communicate and transform this experience into something empowering, inspiring, awakening and exciting for all young girls moving into womanhood.

Our wombs allow us to feel grounded, safe and secure so that we can truly express what we feel from the heart. Our menstrual blood is a report card of our health; it is the guide to ensuring our hormones are balanced as well as our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Menstrual Cycle & Womb Wisdom Port Melbourne

The key questions asked by all women of all ages are:

  • What does a healthy period look like?
  • How can girls learn about body literacy so they can become aware of the messages their bodies are trying to tell them?
  • What happens from a science and energetic perspective week to week in our monthly cycle?
  • How do emotions affect your menstrual cycle?
  • How can you use your menstrual cycle to empower yourself?
  • Why is our menstrual cycle a blessing as a woman and how can it influence healing?
  • Why is our first menstrual bleed so important when we talk about the first connection to our womb?
  • Why is it that so many women experience gynaecological stressors like endometriosis/PCOS/PMS by not connecting to their womb emotionally?
  • Why do women get period pain and feel emotional?
  • What is ovulation?
  • What is cervical mucus/discharge?
  • Does the pill cause side effects and does it regulate your cycle?
  • What do mums and daughters need to know before going on the pill?
  • How can we heal ancestry trauma in the womb?
  • How can we connect to the cosmos and Mother Earth through the womb?
  • What really lies deep in our womb?
  • Does the womb really have her own voice separate from the mind?
  • How can you listen to the guidance system of the womb?

We are all aware that there are far deeper functions to a female’s anatomy and cycle. Dr Tharshini Nirmalarajah has created programs for women and teenage girls that offer an in-depth understanding of this. By doing so, she is bridging the gap between what young girls learn at school and the deeper knowledge of the wisdom of the womb as a foundational platform for every woman in the world.

Menstrual Cycle & Womb Wisdom South Yarra

It is the birthright of every woman to know this knowledge

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If we don’t educate ourselves about this process, it will impact the way young girls see themselves, how they love themselves, how they respect their bodies and how they interact with other women. This can then interfere with their mental and physical health, resulting in fertility issues later on in life.

It all begins with our young girls.

Did You Know?

Back in the tribal days, women would traditionally gather around a new moon because this is when they would bleed. The cycles of the moon once had a massive impact on our cycles and emotions; women were so connected that they would all sync their periods and bleed together.

We would gather in red tents or huts and support one another by cooking meals for those who were bleeding, braiding hair and listening to the emotions, wisdom and insights that would surface. This time was viewed as the moment at which our senses as women would magnify and our intuition would heighten, allowing us to easily channel information. These spaces were created to offer support where women were heard and educated about moving through womanhood.

The syncronising of cycles still happens today, and the process of what changes a woman's womb undergoes during womanhood is something Dr Tharshini is very passionate about. 

Dr Tharshini creates programs that awaken your true divine essence and allow you to respect your body, womb and true self. It will also assist you in connecting to the heartbeat of your womb and awakening its wisdom and healing capabilities.

She is able to work with you one on one online, in a group or, if you're interested, she can come to your community to do talks for young girls and mothers. She will also be recreating the red tents soon but calling it The Red Temple. This will create a community for women to learn, gather and support one another during their menstrual cycle. If you’re interested in Dr Tharshini creating a Red temple near you please contact us. 

Dr Tharshini is also currently creating a webinar for young girls from 12 years old and up that explores period cycles, what it means, how it connects to the moon and seasons and how we can use our superpower as girls. It’s a fun, interactive way to learn and can be viewed with a parent. Once this program is complete, it will be readily available for all to access at any time online. 

Discover the feminine creative power of your womb

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Our Package

3-week program on nurturing our womb

6-week program on nurturing our womb including 3 VST healings

For teenage girls and women of all ages who want to discover their true feminine wisdom, understand the menstrual cycle from a western, eastern and energetic perspective week to week.

Connect to the moon cycles, awaken your womb wisdom, embody your feminine flow and awaken the consciousness that resides within the womb.

  • Learn to listen to the guidance system of the womb seperate from the mind
  • Activate the original blueprint and source codes of your womb
  • Learn to trust and flow with your yoni power
  • Learn techniques and tools to heal your womb

You will be given womb healing symbols that can help you heal your womb and understand how to maximise its power.

This is the time to reclaim our bodies and health by transforming our pain into wisdom and embodying our divine feminine energy.

This is a journey into our womb so that we may ascend and rise up into our full potential as queens, goddesses, mothers, sisters, daughters and wise women..

This program can also include:
3 one-on-one VST healings for the womb and heart. This will rapidly heal all areas of the body, mind and sprit still being affected by trauma from this life and past lives.

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Awakening every woman’s womb into liberation.

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