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Male Fertility

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Research has shown that male infertility is on the rise, affecting a large portion of men all around the world. There has been a significant drop in sperm health over the last 18 years, and more and more men are turning to IVF for help.

According to Andrology Australia, for one in five couples who are infertile, the problem lies with the male partner. However, many men feel embarrassed or ashamed about discussing sperm health with their GP.

At Fertile Seeds of Life, we support men through this process by getting to the bottom of what's affecting their sperm health. Our belief is that sperm is a direct reflection of health in a male, which is why a large portion of our work focuses on male nutrition, lifestyle, stress, herbs, supplements, weight, environmental toxins, smoking, alcohol or physical issues, such as an enlarged varicocele vein.

What is a Semen Analysis?

When treating men for their fertility issues, our team at Fertile Seeds of Life will go through a full investigation and refer you for a sperm analysis test.

All you will be asked to do is submit a sperm sample to a technician at the IVF clinic. The results will be sent directly to us, and we'll analyse your volume of semen, sperm motility, sperm concentration and sperm morphology to determine which areas need to be addressed.

We like to focus on the higher end of the spectrum when it comes to your results. This way, we can ensure higher chances of conception.

It takes 2 people to create a healthy baby and sperm is responsible for half the genetic material. Call today for more information!

Male fertility Port Melbourne

Making sure your sperm is healthy

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Where do Acupuncture Needles Go?

When men start acupuncture treatment they usually wonder if the acupuncture needles go in the genitals, and we definitely don’t insert them there.

The needles are usually positioned in either the legs, lower back, stomach or ankles. They don’t hurt, and men are usually surprised by how relaxed they feel once the needles are in. Men also report feeling many benefits of acupuncture once commencing treatment, like a clearer headspace, better quality sleep, more energy and a more relaxed body and mind.

After your first session, you may feel relaxed and a little tired, which is normal, and you may fall into deep states of relaxation, so it’s important that you listen to your body, rest when needed and keep warm.

We recommend beginning treatment 3 months before trying to conceive as it takes up to 90 days to influence the cycle of sperm production. However, if you wish to start sooner, it is beneficial at any point in your fertility journey.

Once you've started, we usually recommend coming in for 12 weekly acupuncture treatments. We will also educate you about the supplements and herbs you should be taking and give you diet and lifestyle advice to help improve your chances of fertility.

No needles in the groin

male fertility
Male fertility South Yarra

It takes 2 to make a baby.

Begin your journey to parenthood by calling on (03) 9034 5997

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