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Labour Preparation

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Have you considered preparing your body and mind for birth with the help of acupuncture? If not, chances are you haven’t heard about the benefits. Change that today by calling our experts at Fertile Seeds of Life!

Labour Preparation and Post-Natal Recovery

Traditional Chinese medicine is a great tool used to help women transition into labour preparation.

Acupuncture allows more blood flow to the ligaments that require stretching to be ready for labour. It also helps relax the nervous system and provide emotional support by easing tension and calming the mind and body.

Preparing for labour can be a time of great excitement, but also a period of great stress for women because most don't know what to expect as they aren’t experienced in the of birthing process. Some women may also become overwhelmed if their birthing plan is suddenly changed.

We usually find acupuncture during this time helps with not only the natural onset of labour but also post-natal recovery.

At the clinic, we support women and allow them to express all their fears so that we can assist them without judgement and empower them for the next stage of their journey, which is holding their baby in their arms.

We also educate our mothers on pregnancy massage techniques to help during labour as well as post-natal recovery foods, herbs and supplements to boost their health through recovery.

Labour Preparation Port Melbourne

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When Should You Start Induction Acupuncture?

We usually recommend beginning acupuncture preparation at around week 35 of your pregnancy. During this time, coming in once a week is ideal. Closer to your due date, we advise coming in for treatment 2–3 times a week until labour starts.

We understand that life becomes very busy for new mothers once the baby arrives, but we advise booking in for a 4-week post-natal recovery check-up. This is important because it's our chance to check in, offer support in your recovery and discuss any problems concerning breast feeding, low energy or any other issues. We also love hearing your birthing stories and seeing pictures of your beautiful baby.

It truly warms our heart that we were part of fertility journey.

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Labour Preparation South Yarra

Let us support you in the final stages of your journey to becoming a mum.

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