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Is IVF the only way after the age of 35?

As a Traditional Chinese medicine Doctor and practitioner of Vibrational Sound Therapy (VST) in the fertility industry,

I’ve come to realise that so many couples are struggling with this natural process to conceive. Fertility issues are on the rise and affecting couples in Australia and around the world.

Women between the ages of 35 and above are being told by our society, doctors, friends, family, IVF specialist that time is running out.

So, women are now believing that IVF is the only option to be able to have a baby. We are also seeing men having fertility trouble with sperm quality decreasing by 50% over the last 18 years.

For those who IVF doesn’t work, it can be a very devastating and costly experience. Often couples come out feeling completely broken-hearted, their dreams shattered and leaving with empty pockets.

From my experience in clinic I have found that when women go through the process of IVF, on repeated stimulated cycles, meaning medication, hormone injections and high stress, this really causes havoc on the body. It doesn’t matter what age you are! These poor women end up with so much inflammation, cramping, fluctuating moods and with no guarantee that through all of this, they will in fact fall pregnant. This whole process often leaves women with very little trust in their body. And rightfully so! Society keeps telling us ‘you’re getting old’, and sets very specific age ranges on the natural decline in reproductive health. So, we can see why many women would then not believe in the possibility of the body to truly heal, and go beyond these limitations.

  • How can couples heal and work toward the best chance of conceiving?
  • Want to hear something you haven’t heard before?
  • Want to know how I can help you?
  • Want to know other options on where to start before going through IVF?

Firstly, to all women out there who are trying to conceive, I completely understand how hard it is to stay positive and relaxed during a difficult fertility journey. After a while it can understandably feel like you can’t trust your body. You may feel frustrated and angry within yourself. This emotional process of course, can create so much stress in the body, affecting the adrenals, rising cortisol levels, and these negative thoughts as you can imagine become like a negative virus, sitting in the ovaries and (as we view energetically) starts to consume and create blockages within your womb. We can see these emotions now start to be stored within the body.

Fear, anger, grief, joy. These all affect the body and create an internal chemical reaction.

The thought alone will not change your chemical reaction, it’s your life force energy, you must feel the joy, feel the peace within your body and create that energy within you.

When we worry, this is the vibration we are sending out into the world, and what we see is often just more worry that returns back to us. By not flowing to the vibration of love and trust, we limit what is required for this baby to come in. A baby is pure love and that’s the vibration we want to feel within the body.

I completely understand that this is not an easy thing to do, and there can be a real struggle to be and stay positive.

This is why within every single acupuncture treatment with my patients I work on relaxing the mind, body and soul and allow you to shift your energy into a positive state.

By also incorporating a new type of energy healing that allows me to reprogram your body, clearing blockages and bringing your energy back to its original blueprint of the divine, so that your body can heal in ways you never imagined. I also educate you with many tools to help you shift your focus.

I really believe women need this support emotionally, and this is why my focus is to dive deep into helping you in this process.
An example of shifting mindset:

Instead of focusing energy on ‘I want a baby’, focusing energy on how it would FEEL to have a baby. What does having a baby represent to you? How would it feel to push your baby in the pram? How would it feel to be a Mother? Focusing more in this positive direction, can truly change the vibration of your energy.

What if I told you we could shift your body, your DNA, your mind, heal your emotions, heal your soul in a way that could bring you to ultimate wellness, help bring through messages and  communicate with your baby’s soul, to bring through all information you need to know regarding why you’re not falling pregnant.
I have created a new type of energy healing that allows me to reprogram your body, clear blockages from many timelines and past lives. Reactivate the light codes within your DNA to allow your body to come back to the original blueprint of the divine human so that your body can heal in ways you never imagined. It allows me to see your body in a 4-dimensional way, allowing me to see through the body, into the vessels, ovaries, womb and all wounds within our timelines that are still affecting you today.

Ancient memories are stored within all cells of our body. Our soul carries all memories from every past life stored in our Akashic records at the back of the brain. These wounds from the past get triggered by our memories when time for conception comes close, the body will reject the idea of conception because it doesn’t perceive it as safe.

And if your open to the possibility that you died in child birth in previous lives, or your baby was taken away from you this is affecting your current reality now. There could be fear around giving birth, unresolved abuse issues sitting in the subconscious, fear around my partner leaving me like my dad did when I was born, what if my baby takes my freedom away, what if we can’t afford this child, this all sits deeply in our psyche and many people don’t know they exist.

My program is about getting to the core of why you can’t fall pregnant and not just looking at your lab results.

I work with Daniela who is an international spiritual leader and Akashic record reader all around the world. She has 20 years’ experience in accessing Akashic records.

Patients usually get a detailed reading and emailed summary of all the information that they need to know regarding what’s stopping them from falling pregnant, how to bring this baby into their life sooner and all other information they need to know regarding their health and fertility.

I work with Daniela regularly on helping improve fertility outcomes for patients. Working with her allows me to have a clear picture of what truly is going on in the whole scheme of things for patients.

My energetic healing treatments are focused on clearing the body of all trauma from all timelines, past lives blockages, rewire the body by performing psychic surgery, bring more light into the body so that all body systems, plus mind & soul are all in alignment.

The body gives you all the answers, your body has the answers.

Daniela and I work on the core beliefs, core programs, release the virus, the trauma that has been sitting there all along. We connect to your higher self, we can speak to the soul of your future child, correct this by getting to the absolute core of the problem thus giving you the direction, of what the body is trying to tell you.

Written by Dr Tharshini Nirmalarajah

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