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How to Improve Fertility Chances & Which Lubricants Are Best for Sperm ?

Let’s talk about the important energetics of Chinese medicine and how it can help you through this process in your sex life and conception.

When conception happens in Chinese medicine, which is the exact time of conception. Then conception becomes the moment of destiny and is the first step of forming an individual’s energy.

This is why the process of how you feel during sex between couples trying to conceive is important, because feeling that love and support, nurturing and passion, relaxation and happiness can all impact the vibration of your body and potential baby.

Why is this important from a Chinese medicine perspective?

In Chinese Medicine for women 3 aspects make up the core of the reproductive activity, they’re the uterus, heart and kidney. Within these 3 important organ systems a particular vessel called the Bao Mai (uterus vessel) and Bao Luo (Uterus channel) allows for communication between all 3 of these vital systems.

Emotions either positive or negative can impact the communication between these systems. 
The most important energy for supporting conception is Jing which is stored in the kidney system. The Jing is what we call our essence which is a powerful substance that forms who and what we are. Jing is the energy which is fundamental to our foundation of life, it determines one’s vitality, quality and quantity of your lifespan.

The Jing of both parents and an open heart filled with love allows the female’s heart to open fully and the vessel which connects from the heart to the uterus to open up, dilate, so that more blood flows, increasing the nutrients supply to the uterus for potential conception. This creates an ideal environment for the soul (PO referred to in Chinese medicine) of the baby to come in.

In old Chinese medicine texts, it describes the heart as the emperor of all the other organs.
The heart encompasses the way we think, our mind, the activity of the hypothalamus & pituitary, how it affects our hormones, how we feel and process our emotions all happens within the heart system.

The heart in Chinese medicine is so important when it comes to fertility not only for women but also for men.

Men have a voice too!

A lot of my male patients from around the world, say to me that, the IVF process of giving a sperm sample where you ejaculate into a container makes them feel angry, embarrassed and ashamed by the whole process. These feelings are then transferred into the sperm.

I mean how is that impacting the sperm on an energetic level? Is that the energy we want when conceiving for our potential child?

This is tough on men and we need to support men emotionally too.

If your trying for natural conception it’s important that after making love, to connect with each other hearts, that couples cuddle for 15-20 mins, this process of cuddling actually increases the energy of love so that your body starts to vibrate that frequency internally.

Another tip is having sex in the missionary position during your fertile window allows penetration closest to the cervix supporting fertility. Any other time do whatever you want. Have fun. You don’t need to put your legs up and get into a yoga pose after sex, just enjoy the cuddles. It creates more connection.

Women also ask me what lubricants are best to use when trying to conceive?

Saliva or water is definitely not a good lubricant. There’s evidence to show that one these forms of lubrication can kill sperm on contact and the other effect its ability to swim, so NO this is not a good method.

What should you use?

Pre-seed is an excellent fertility lubricant because its PH balanced, it mimics the fertile cervical fluids that women produce during ovulation time.

It’s important to remember that women during peak fertile time, or ovulation time, produce cervical mucus that becomes the most sperm friendly during this time, the PH balance is really good and the sperm can swim up to the awaiting egg for fertilisation.

Or a fantastic natural lubricant that smells yummy and tastes great is coconut oil, this is fantastic for women and it also supports men’s semen as its totally safe. It has natural antifungal properties great if you’re worried about infection and sperm love to swim in it.

Written by Dr Tharshini Nirmalarajah

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