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Leaders in Fertility Treatment

At Fertile Seeds of Life, we give couples around the world access to the knowledge, care and support they need to prepare for their future child. Our integrated approach draws on our expertise in traditional Chinese medicine, vibrational sound therapy (VST) for fertility, energy medicine and Akashic record readings to help those struggling to conceive. 

We also offer IVF and fertility acupuncture, couples’ workshops to increase love frequencies and encourage healing, DNA activation videos, fertility symbols for reproductive health, nutritional supplements, herbal medicine, diet and detox programs, and tailored lifestyle and nutritional advice.

We are leading the way in innovative fertility treatment. Call us today for more information.

Never give up on the dream of parenthood

Our Global Fertility Programs

We are built upon providing the love, understanding, support and compassion individuals need throughout their fertility journey.

Fertile Seeds of Life is here to revolutionise the way fertility treatments are currently perceieved with a new approach to healing the body that has previously been unavailable in Australia or anywhere else around the world.

Our special fertility programs for global audiences allow us to work individually with each couple no matter where they are in the world.

We are creating a whole new structure of fertility treatments and using new advanced spiritual technology to create a new way of healing couples on their fertility journey.

At Fertile Seeds of Life, we understand the incredible power, wisdom and knowledge each cell in your body possesses to heal and transform your health. We utilise this to reconnect couples and help them vibrate more love and joy to invite harmony and unconditional love into their lives. When we vibrate with the energy of joy, love and peace, we are able to attract everything we want into our lives.

A child is a symbol of love created from the love we hold within our hearts. Fertile Seeds of Life is here to reconnect you with this pure, natural and harmonious process of creation.

Putting all the chances on your side

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Western medicine is not without its limitations, and many people are uncomfortable with the processes, treatments and examinations involved in reaching a diagnosis or state of healing.

For example, IVF procedures involve the use of hormonal drugs that stimulate fertility and encourage the body to release as many eggs as possible. Some of my clients report feeling like a robot going through a mechanical process of getting pregnant at the expense of love and passion, but this doesn't have to be the case. 

We want you to keep sight of who you are and what you're trying to achieve. Our work involves maintaining your connection with your partner throughout your journey.

If you are going currently through IVF, that's ok! Our programs work naturally as an adjunct to IVF treatment.

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Our Difference

Everyone’s fertility journey is unique. Some of you may be trying for your first or second child, and some of you may have already gone through failed IVF treatments or sadly even miscarriages. 

Wherever you are in your journey, we want you to know we are here for you and will support you every step of the way.

Our fertility programs are available globally so we can reach couples all over the world, no matter where they are. These programs give you access to an initial consultation where we dive deep with a questionnaire, asking many questions regarding your diet, lifestyle, hormonal issues, sleep, digestion – all aspects that could be disrupting your ability to conceive. We also have a look at blood reports and semen analysis tests before diagnosing each individual and structuring a unique fertility treatment program.

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We want you to hold your child in your arms as soon as possible.

Your journey to parenthood starts here!



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About Us

Fertile Seeds of life develops and delivers fertility healing programs and womb wisdom programs unlike anywhere in the world. 

Dr Tharshini is a Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor, a Global Energetic Specialist and the founder of Fertile Seeds of Life.

Fertile Seeds of life was created for global audiences who are seeking a healing philosophy and practice to natural conception or adjunct therapy to IVF. Dr Tharshini's extraordinary team of practitioners possesses the unique skills and capabilities to transform and heal fertility patients.

In addition, Dr Tharshini has presented her new fertility concepts and systems on the Awake TV network in the US and was the host of a 12-part episode series. Her show was called The Gift of energetic fertility healing, which was live streamed around the world. Her passion is also on educating women of all ages around the world on how sacred our menstrual blood is and reconnecting women to their own womb wisdom. She does this through her Queendom and Goddess programs. Here she teaches the ancient secrets of the womb, and shows you a whole new system in healing deep womb trauma that thousands of women are facing today. Her work allows the awakening of every women’s womb into liberation.

Dr Tharshini is also in the process of finishing her first book called Awaken and Heal your Womb. 100% of the profit will be going to young girls in Sri-Lanka, India and Africa to help with education and sanitary products around menstruation.

Dr Tharshini

Why Choose Us?

A Personalised Approach

Our methods are tailored to what YOU need.

Revolutionary Methods

Our global fertility programs are a holistic approach to healing observed to produce results where modern science has failed.

Available for International Clients

We can communicate with clients overseas via video calls.

Delivered by Experts

Every member of our staff is extensively trained and experienced in all facets of reproductive health and energy medicine.

Even miracles take a little time!

At Fertile Seeds of Life, our key focus is to pass on our knowledge, care and support to couples and get them ready for their future child. Act today – your future child will thank you for it.

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